Curse of Vanishing Minecraft

In this tutorial, we will learn about the ” Curse of Vanishing Minecraft “. It is an enchantment of Minecraft. Minecraft is also introducing two new treasure enchantments called Curse of Vanishing and Curse of Binding. Here we will learn about only Curse of vanishing Minecraft.

Curse of vanishing Minecraft

Curse of vanishing is a type of enchantment, which can be found through fishing, looting chests, or trading with villagers. This is in the form of book. By using this book you can enchant any item.

What curse of vanishing Minecraft can do :

By using the curse of vanishing, you can upgrade your items like weapons, shields, tools, and Elytra. It is also found on the books, by these books you can only place the curse of vanishing on those items which are using the anvil. If you die without dropping the item to the ground then at that time the curse of vanishing disappear and you cannot gain these items in your inventory.

Minecraft Curse of vanishing

Benefits of Curse of Vanishing Minecraft:

  • By using the curse of vanishing, you can upgrade your items like shields, tools, weapons, and also Elytra.
  • The curse of vanishing is limited like the curse of binding but vanishing has its own use.
  • It is also used in mapmakers, The map is Harder adventure maps in Minecraft.
  • In PvP servers, the Curse of Vanishing helps on their equipment after dying they can remove the item, and players can enchant their equipment with the curse and go into battle.

Youtube Tutorial about Minecraft Curse of Vanishing

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FAQ for Minecraft Curse of Vanishing

What is curse of vanishing?

The curse of vanishing is the one enchantment of Minecraft. The Minecraft introducing new enchantment called a curse of vanishing. By using the curse of vanishing you can upgrade your item like weapons, tools, shields, and other items.

What does curse of vanishing do?

In Minecraft, a Curse of vanishing can upgrade the items, Shields, weapons, and tools. Curse of vanishing can found by fishing, looting chests, or trading with villagers and the looking books like structure.

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