Minecraft Painting Recipe

In this article, we will discuss the Minecraft Painting Recipe. In Minecraft, the Painting is used as the decoration of the house wall and to give a better look at your house. In inventory, Painting is an important item in Minecraft for Decoration Purpose. Let’s start, How the Minecraft painting is made and use in Minecraft.

minecraft painting recipe
Minecraft Painting Recipe

In Minecraft, the Minecraft Painting is crafted in the 3×3 Crafting table. So, First, open the Crafting table and take the item which is required to craft the painting. The items required to craft the painting are given below.

Minecraft Painting Recipie

Items Required in Minecraft Painting (Minecraft Painting Recipe)

  • 1 Any color Wool
  • 8 Stick

How to Craft the Minecraft Painting

In Minecraft, any things can be crafted in the crafting table. Basically in the crafting table, all the items are put in the table and as a result, you can find the required items which can be stored in your inventory. So, follow these steps to craft the painting.

  1. First, open the 3×3 crafting table.
  2. Take Items required for Minecraft painting. ( 1 wool and 8 stick )
  3. Put the wool in the mid of the table.
  4. And put all the 8 sticks around the wool.
  5. Finally, as a result, you can found the painting. You can store the painting in the inventory.

Minecraft Painting

  1. Kebab ( “Kebab med tre pepperoni” )
  2. Aztec ( “de_aztec” )
  3. Alban ( “Albanian” )
  4. Aztec2 ( “de_aztec” )
  5. Bomb ( “Target successfully bombed” )
  6. Plant ( “Paradisträd” )
  7. Wasteland ( “Wasteland” )
  8. Wanderer ( “Wanderer” )
  9. Graham ( “Graham” )
  10. Pool ( “The pool” )
  11. Courbet ( “Bonjour monsieur Courbet” )
  12. Sunset ( “sunset_dense” )
  13. Sea / Creebet ( “Seaside” )
  14. Match ( “Match” )
  15. Bust ( “Bust” )
  16. Stage ( “The stage is set” )
  17. Void ( “The Void” )
  18. Skull And Roses ( “Moonlight Installation” )
  19. Wither
  20. Fighters ( “Fighters” )
  21. Skeleton ( “Mortal Coil” )
  22. Donkey Kong ( “Kong” )
  23. Pointer ( “Pointer” )
  24. Pigscene ( “Pigscene RGB”)
  25. Burning Skull ( “Skull on Fire” )

Youtube Tutorial for Minecraft Painting Recipe

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