Minecraft Sorting System | Minecraft Item Sorter

In the sorting algorithm, the Minecraft Sorting System and Minecraft Item Sorter are used in the development of video games. By this algorithm, you can create video games easily and fast.

Minecraft Sorting System
Minecraft Sorting System

Items required for Minecraft Sorting System | Minecraft Item Sorter

  1. Redstone repeaters
  2. Redstone comparators
  3. Redstone torches
  4. Redstone dust
  5. hoppers
  6. chests
  7. trapped chests
  8. blocks (of your choice)
  9. item frames
  10. diamonds, iron, gold, emeralds

Steps of Minecraft Sorting System

Step 1: Create a base:

Minecraft Sorting System 1

First of all, put some block and then put 5 hoppers on the top of the block, and also 4 more hoppers are attached below the lock.

Step 2: attach the hoppers to blocks:

Minecraft Sorting System 2

And ones more 4 hoppers are attached below the block just look like stares.

Step 3: creating platform:

Minecraft Sorting System 3

After that put the block around the hoppers for platforms. And also add 4 repeaters.

Step 4: putting blocks, Redstone:

Minecraft Sorting System 4

Go above the repeaters add some blocks and add 4 Redstone comparators and on the side add 8 Redstone as you can see on the image.

Step 5: putting trapped chests:

Minecraft Sorting System 5

On the platforms, block add some normal chests and then trapped. The above of the hoppers and one at the side of the hoppers, as you can see on the image.

Step 6: Putting chests:

Minecraft Sorting System 6

Put some items on the trapped chests like.(diamonds emeralds, iron, gold). At last, you have 1 item.

Step 7: Sort the things of Minecraft:

Minecraft Sorting System 7

At last, put the item frames, and put where you want to sort the things.

Video Tutorial For Minecraft Sorting System

How to Minecraft Item Sorter work?

how to make an item sorter in Minecraft?

Step 1

First collect all the items which are used in Minecraft for item sorter.

Step 2

Minecraft Item Sorter 1

In Minecraft Item Sorter hopper contains these items for sorting.

Step 3

Minecraft Item Sorter 2

The item sorter look like this types. Example for Minecraft Item Sorter.

Step 4

3 1

The minimum items are held in hoppers. at last 3 item must be remains to sort the hopper items.

Step 5


At last the compact hopper items are sorted. And still remaining 4 items. And you can sorted the Minecraft Item Sorter.

Video Tutorial for Minecraft Item Sorter

FAQ for Minecraft Sorting System

What is Minecraft Sorting System?

Minecraft sorting system is the way of sorting the minecraft game easily, It is used to make the game more efficient and fast. To sort the item of the game are used a sorter of the minecraft.

What is Minecraft Item Sorter?

In Minecraft Item sorter are a type of Redstone mechanism which can be used to filter specific items into chests. In Minecraft item sorter some item is required which are given as:
1) Storage
2) Overflow protection
3) Item transportation
4) Variations

how to make a sorting system in minecraft?

the Minecraft works, by just putting your all stuff in the top chest of the craft, and it goes into the hoppers and the hoppers sort them into there own chest, and if you put something that does not belong it goes into the other chest. You can make it as big as you want.

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If you have any queries regarding Minecraft Sorting System | Minecraft Item Sorter, then ask on the comment section, I am happy to answer your question

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