Python Mod Operator Tutorial

In python programming, Python Mod Operator is used to find the remainder of the division of one number by another. In a python programming language, It is represented as a % b. where a and b are positive integer.

The abbreviation of a % b is a mod b.

The main purpose of Python Mod Operator Tutorial is to learn students easily. After reading this tutorial you should know How mod operator is used in programming language and the application of Python Mod Operator in the real-life field.

Python Mod Operator

In Modular arithmetic, the number wraps around the number, when reaching a given value called modulus.

Python mod operator is widely used in Cryptography, Banking, Music, Book Publishing, and other mathematical areas.

How Mod Operator is Calculated

First of all, you should know how the mod operator works in mathematics. Mod operator provides the athematic operation like + , – , / , * , ** . For example:-

13 mod 5 = 3 (That means, when we divide 13 by 5, the remainder is 3.)

7 mod 7 = 0 (That means, when we divide 7 by 7, the remainder is 0.)

6 mod 5 = 1 (That means, when we divide 6 by 5, the remainder is 1.)

25 mod 5 = 0 ( That means, when we divide 25 by 5, the remainder is 0.)

30 mod 7 = 2 (That means, when we divide 30 by 7, the remainder is 2.)

In Arithmetic Modulus all the operations like Add, Subtract, Division, Multiply.Let Consider numbers a and b operated under modulo D.

  1. (a + b) mod D = ((a mod D) + (b mod D)) mod D.
  2. (a – b) mod D = ((a mod D) – (b mod D)) mod D.
  3. (a * b) mod D = ((a mod D) * (b mod D)) mod D.

Python program for the mod operator by taking input from the user

Program for python mod operator


#take input from user 
a= int(input("Enter the value of a : ")) 
b= int(input("Enter the value of b : ")) 

#take a variable as rem for storing the reminder 
#when dividing a by b.
rem = a % b

#print the result.
print("The mod of ", a, "and", b, "is", rem,)

Program for the mod operator by using the function (Python mod operator function)

Python mod operator


#Create function for modulus
def ModInPython (a, b):
  rem = a%b
  #print the reminder by using mod operator a mod b.
  print("The value of ", a, "mod", b, "=", rem)

#main Function
if __name__ == "__main__":

  # Take input by the user
  a = int(input("Enter the value of a : "))
  b =int(input("Enter the value of b : "))
  # Calling to the function

Program by Using Python mod Libraries

First you should install the mod library in your python IDE

pip install mod

And then write the program for python mod operator. By importing the library

from mod import Mod


from mod import Mod
a = int(input("Enter first number : "))
b = int(input("Enter second number : "))
Mod(a, b)
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Video Tutorial for Python Mod Operator

FAQ for Python mod operator program

How to write mod in python?

In Python programming the mod is written as a%b, read as a mod b. which give the result as remainder.

How to use mod in python?

Mod is used in python as a%b, where a and b must a positive number. And also by using libraries of the mod by just importing from mod import Mod in python program.

What is mod?

Mod is nothing, just for remainder only. for eg. a % b. that means the remainder by dividing a by b are the required result called mod.

What is the application of Arithmetic modulus application?

The main application of Arthematic modulus are Cryptography, book publishing, musics, and many mathematical problems.

How to calculate a mod b in Python?

a mod b can be calculated in a python programming language by just calculating the remainder by dividing a / b. The remainder will be a required result. For example : 13 mod 5 = 3 and 15 mod 3 = 0.

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