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Top 10 Machine Learning Applications

Machine Learning Applications

Today in this tutorial we will learn about Machine Learning Application by which the world became smarter. We will discuss these applications one by one.

Self Driving Car ( Machine Learning Applications )

Self Driving Car

The best Machine Learning application is Self Driving Car. It works on the algorithm of Deep Neural Network. Tesla is the company that is working on the self-driving car which is based on the Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithm. It basically, works on sensors to control the car. Which is a part of ( Internet Of Things ) IOT.

Email Spam Filtering ( Machine Learning Applications )

Email Spam Filtering

Gmail is one of the many popular email providers who have an inbuilt spam filter technology for classification of the spam mail.

spam filter are of the following types:-

  • Content Filters
  • Header Filters
  • General Blacklist Filters
  • Rules-Based Filters
  • Permission Filters
  • Challenge-Response Filters

Virtual Personal Assistant ( Machine Learning Applications )

Virtual Personal Assistant

These days, the Virtual Personal Assistant is helping people to find their useful information by just voice conversation. there are few application which is using machine learning. these are:-

  • Google Assistant (Google)
  • Alexa (Amazon)
  • Cortana (Microsoft)
  • Siri (Apple)

Traffic Prediction ( Machine Learning Applications )

Traffic Prediction

Today map is using Machine Learning to predict the traffic frequency of the road. By which people know about the road is congested by the vehicle are no traffic on the road. Example of application which are using traffic prediction are:-

  • Google Maps
  • Maps.me
  • Bing Maps
  • HereWeGo

Google maps predicts whether the traffic is clear, slow-moving, or Heavily Congested based on two measures:-

  1. The average time has taken on specific days a specific time on that route.
  2. Real-Time location data of vehicles from google maps applications and sensors.

Social Media Personalization ( Machine Learning Applications )

Social Media Personalization

Social Media is also using Machine Learning applications like Facebook Automatic Friend Tagging Suggestions for tagging friends in the photos by using a face recognition system.

Online Fraud Detection ( Machine Learning Applications )

Online Fraud Detection

In today’s life, an online transaction is easy and more efficient, at the same time, the number of criminals has become adept at finding loopholes. Fraud is now everywhere. So, that fraud detection is necessary for machine learning applications. the main risk of fraud are:

  • Identity Theft
  • Fake Account
  • Man in the middle attacks.

Feed Forward Neural Network is used for fraud detection. this algorithm classify in 2 ways:-

  1. Genuine Transaction
  2. Fraud Transaction

Stock Market Trading ( Machine Learning Applications )

Stock Market Trading

Machine learning is used extensively when it comes to stock market trading. The stock market is the best example of a Machine Learning Application. In this, Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) Neural Network is used to analyze the data of stock and then predict.

Stock Market Indices are:-

  1. Nikkei 255
  2. FTSE 100
  3. Standard and Poors 500

Medical Technology ( Machine Learning Applications )

Assistive Medical Technology

The best machine learning application is medical technology. Medical Technology is innovated with the use of machine learning to diagnose diseases.

we are able to analyze 2D CT scans and come up with 3D models that predict where exactly there are lesions in the brain. It works equally well for Brain Tumors and Ischemic stroke lesions. and also further used in fetal imaging and cardiac analysis too.

Medical fields machine learning will disrupt.

  • Disease Identification
  • Personalized Treatment
  • Drug Discovery
  • Clinical Research
  • Radiology

Google Translate ( Machine Learning Applications )

Google Translate

The technology behind this is sequence-to-sequence learning. Which is the same algorithm used in chatbots.

Here, Image Recognition happens through Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and the text is identified using optical character recognition.

Further, the Sequence-to-sequence algorithm is used to translate the text from one language to another language.

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